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Welcome to my art blog. It is a a behind the scenes look into the thought processes and art processes behind my work. I am an artist who works with the technique of digital photomontage. I am inspired by the world around us and am particularly drawn to the coast. More recently I have also started to explore painting. A recent house move to a more rural area in West Sussex, is encouraging me explore landscape.


I have always been fascinated by how we generate ideas, why we take one direction and not another, the processes we use to explore those ideas and the fear involved in taking creative risks.


Studying Textile Design at the Royal College of Art, I worked in the fashion industry for a while and then lectured in textiles at University. I have worked as an art technician and graphic display designer. I teach Art and photography at secondary school and I run my art practice. For the last eleven years I have developed work as a digital photomontage artist, selling and exhibiting work in the form of limited edition prints in galleries around the South East. My work can be seen here.




Like many creatives, I teach alongside my practice in order to facilitate the making of my work. I wrestle with the courage and logistics of making art a full time occupation. However, I learn a lot from teaching and it has fed my fascination of 'how we learn'. My aim in this art blog is to honestly explore and share how I learn, how I fail and succeed, how I manage my time and my fear of the unknown, because I think these things are universal.

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