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Welcome to my new collection of Treescape prints. I have wanted to create more landscape inspired work for while now. During Lockdown we moved to a more rural West Sussex and as a result are surrounded by lush green everywhere. I hope you love these images. I am really excited by the possibilities offered by this approach, which offer a fresh way to visually connect with the landscape. These treescape prints will hopefully bringing a sense of calm to you and your interior space and a sense that you could step into this landscape and just be.


You would think treescape landscapes are not that different from seascapes. However, in terms of digital collage they present a real challenge – or at least for me they have. I just didn’t know how to tackle them. Landscape has very few edges. It is a continuous overlapping expanse of green. Grass, trees, bushes and other things merge into one making them impossible to isolate and cut out for collage. Grass is like hair. It shoots off in different directions in thin strands. However, unlike hair which you can photograph against a contrasting background, grass is often set against the same colour background, as a consequence making it even harder to separate it. I knew I had to find a different approach.

Over the last few years. I have increasingly been inspired by the work of abstract painters. It fascinates me how they suggest environment and mood, by carefully balancing out areas of colour, texture and structure. My later seascapes have seen a definite move towards a more painterly interpretation of the environment, albeit in photographic form.

The solution to these first work lies in taking an abstract approach. I have tried to balance out the image as an abstract work before placing the trees, recreating a sense of the landscape using the surfaces I love photographing so much. I have absorbed the influence of abstract painters by exploring how to create landscape without actually photographing landscape. However, the image is totally composed of different parts of photographs, carefully cut out in Photoshop and layered to create what I feel are calm and poetic images. I hope to continue adding to this collection.

Choose from three different size treescape prints, which enable you to place them in any number of spaces in your house.


I print on Hahnemuhle archival cotton rag with UV resistant inks. Both of inks and paper exceed museum standards for longevity in a print

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